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Quality Assurance & Control

As an ISO 9001:2015 organization, we are committed to continuous improvement and have implemented a proven Quality Management System which provides us with a strict framework for measuring and improving our performance.

At Norwest, our quality team, made up of both Quality Assurance Managers and Quality Control Inspectors work alongside our Manufacturing and Engineering personnel through each step of the production process. Based on customer requirements, our Quality Assurance Managers coordinate with our Project Management staff to develop Inspection Test Plans and Total Advanced Planning documentation which outline the process for our First article, in-process and complete final inspections. At Norwest, we take pride in our work and will always ensure that your design and engineering objectives are fulfilled within the strictest tolerances, without exception.

In-House Quality Equipment and Capabilities:

To ensure our manufactured components and assemblies adhere to customer specifications our Quality Team relies on our advanced in-house testing equipment. Our in-house quality equipment and capabilities include:

Machine Name
Other Features
Bridge Type
128 in.
54 in.
54 in.
7 t
Bridge Type
75 in.
40 in.
36 in.
2 t
Indexing Probe
Bridge Type
55 in.
66 in.
36 in.
3 t
Indexing Probe

Our Certifications

Bureau Vertitas Certification
ISO 9001:2015

Certification of CNC Custom Machining of Components

Public Works and Government Services Canada
Controlled Goods Program

Certification of Registration

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