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We are advanced manufacturing

Mission & Vision

To be the global leader of complex machining, fabrication and assembly services to the Hydropower, Power Generation, Mining, Steel Mills, Nuclear Power, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Plastics, Extrusions, & Injection Molding, Defense & Military, Shipbuilding, and Press Manufacturing industries. We are committed to and proud to offer best in-class customer service, workmanship, production, capabilities as well as quality assurance and control.

Winch Drum
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Spin Rail Mandrel Shaft
Rotary Cone

Recognized Leaders in Machining, Fabrication & Assembly

Customer Benefits

Increased Production Throughput
Reduced Lead Time, Enhanced Predictability & Planning
Solutions for Every Project – Small or Large, Simple or Complex
Total Cost of Ownership
Personalized in Approach, Comprehensive in Scope, Cost Effective in Practice
North America’s Largest & Most Advanced Machine Tools
All In-One Subcontracting Leading to Total Project Cost Savings

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Heavy machinery

Complex and Custom Machining, Fabrication, Assembly & Repair of Oversize Parts

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