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Castings and Foundry

Castings & Foundry

Norwest Precision Ltd., with the help of its inhouse cast part sourcing capabilities, can take your casting requirements from concept to finished product. With over 30 years of casting and foundry experience, Norwest can assist with a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous castings from both local and international foundries. Material, size, or weight are rarely an issue for our diverse group of casting resources.

Details of Services

We offer single-source casting, foundry, and finishing resources including these options:

  • Material Determination & Verification
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Casting Design Consultation
  • Proof-Machining
  • Foundry Qualification
  • Fabrication and Repair
  • RAPID-CAST ≤ 2-Week Delivery
  • NDE
  • Casting and Solidification Simulation
  • Hydro Testing
  • Project Management
  • Complete Machining
  • 3rd Party Inspection and Witnessing
  • Assembly
  • Pattern Sourcing
  • Paint and Protection
  • Heat Treatment
  • Package and Shipping

Cast Metal Options

By size, not weight
≤ 2000lbs
≤ 5000lbs
Ductile Iron
≤ 25,000lbs
> 25T
Gray (Cast) Iron
≤ 30,000lbs
> 25T
Carbon Steels
≤ 20,000lbs
> 50T
Stainless Steels
≤ 20,000lbs
> 50T
Tool Steels
≤ 4000lbs
Lead Times avg
2-12 weeks
10 weeks +

Lead times are for raw casting only.

Casting Source Lifecycle

Our casting sourcing cycle allows our customers the flexibility to determine their level of involvement in the procurement of the castings at their discretion. We provide complete transparency which can include hold-points and milestone reporting per your requirements.

Casting Sourcing Lifecycle

Foundry Selection

Material, Quality Requirements, Delivery Constraints, and type of Pattern are the typical factors that determine which foundry to use.



Wood patterns have long been the industry standard for sand casting foundry usage. Polystyrene is a great option to reduce pattern tooling costs & improve delivery.


Molding and Pouring

Our foundries typically employ a no-bake or air-set type of jobbing mold process. Metal is melted in cupola or induction furnaces just prior to pouring into the molds.


Processing and Testing

Casting processing consists of excess material removal, sandblasting or shotblasting after heat treating, followed by grinding and cleaning to required surface finish. Testing can involve several processes such as chemical and physical material testing, Non-Destructive Testing, dimensional inspection and more.


Machining and Painting

Complete machining per customers drawings as well as assembly and/or fabrication, if any. Coating and painting to customers specifications are the final steps prior to shipping.

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